Announcement: Mini Excavators For Sale – What are the best mini excavators and how much do they cost?

mini excavators for sale

Mini Excavators For Sale


A lot of people don’t know exactly what to look for when browsing for mini excavators for sale. They’re generally smaller in size than a general excavator and can weigh up to around 6000kg which is relatively light when you imagine the weight of a full size one! There are a huge range of mini excavators for sale and it can be hard to work out which are the best on the market.

There are many uses of mini excavators from waste disposal to quarrying and they really are a great invention for completing a huge task with a little compact machine.

Before making a purchase of any kind of Mini Excavator For Sale find out what your total investment will be and compare prices and features. You’ll certainly be glad you took a minute to do so.

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Among the earthmoving equipment for sale you will find a great range of mini excavators for sale. The most popular models include John Deere, Kobelco and Hitachi. You can find Kobelco mini excavators for around $35,000 second hand and you can find a Hitachi excavator for around $24,000, again second hand. There is no problem in buying a used mini excavator as the equipment is very hardy and long lasting and you can save a few dollars if you opt for used construction equipment as opposed to forking out for a brand new machine.

There are a range of places you could find a mini excavator for sale. The best models definitely come from Hitachi and Kobelco so to begin you should search online for your local dealers for these manufacturers. Once you’ve found your local dealer you may be lucky enough to find they stock second hand models but if not many will surely help you out in finding a second hand dealer in your area. If you have no luck focussing on these specific models, have a look in the yellow pages for general construction equipment dealers and you may find a dealer stocking these models but not advertising that they’re doing so. In these cases you might even be able to find a cheap deal if you’re lucky!

If you have decided you want to purchase your mini excavator from the Internet then you need to make sure you do your research. If you are buying a second hand excavator, make sure you used a registered online dealer. If you opt to use an auction site like eBay make sure you have a lot of contact with the dealer and if possible speak to them over the telephone to verify their existence. Many people have been stung by dodgy deals online. Equally, you want to make sure the equipment you’re planning on buying is in the condition described, you don’t want to pay a huge amount of money for an excavator only to find the engine’s broken or it’s missing an important part.

Communicating with the vendor should help make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Bidding and auction sites are a really good option for finding a cheap deal but make sure you factor in the freight costs of you could be hit with a big bill! There are many benefits to using an auction site but you need to make sure you’re vigilant and cautious when using mini excavators for sale.

With a huge array for mini excavators on the market, finding the best ones can be difficult. The simple rules to follow are: pick a well known and reputable model such as Hitachi or Kobelco and ensure you are vigilant if you are purchasing second hand. This way you should get a good deal on a fantastic model and not be disappointed when looking for mini excavators for sale.


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